What are the technical requirements to view the videos in the subscription?

Internet Browsers:

We support Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, and Internet Explorer. Whichever browser you prefer, please use the most up-to-date version available to ensure that everything on the site works smoothly — like butter! You can update your browser(s) here:
Operating Systems:

We support any computer operating system that is capable of running the browsers listed above. For mobile phones, iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile are supported. Please note that you may use large amounts of data and be charged extra if you view the videos while using the LTE or 3G networks.

Internet Speed:

Most any residential DSL and cable connection should be fast enough to view all of our videos. If the videos feel slow to load, try turning off any background applications that could be using up bandwidth. You can also push the play button in the player and then pause to let the video buffer before viewing.
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